About Me

I’m a software engineer, systems architect, and development leader.  I live in Phoenix Arizona with my wife and two kids.  My hobbies and work have been exclusively related to the world of computing.  I’ve been a game programmer back in the days of Win3.1 and early days of DirectX on Win95 (one game, I can still find on eBay), as well as an embedded software engineer for game systems like the PlayStation2.   After about 2001 however, I moved into the storage industry, doing microcode for Fibrechannel adapters and rack mounted storage arrays. Later on I became a storage architect, and In more recent years, I’ve worked on stuff like hybrid enterprise storage arrays, and architected a distributed, coherent flash-caching solution.

After creating a performance engineering team at a bay-area startup, Delphix, I took a role as a lead architect at Concurrent Computer Corporation, and remained aboard after it was acquired by Vecima.  I built an engineering team there and am responsible for the architecture of MediaScaleX // Storage.   I have previously been a cloud storage performance lead at Intel, and for a much longer stretch of time a storage system architect & developer at IBM.  My passion is the many facets of  data-center infrastructure, primarily storage infrastructure.   I’m fascinated with the application of new technology to solve problems or enable new capabilities for businesses.  I’m usually happiest when I’m learning something new or applying a new technology to solve a complex problem.   To that end, I’ve rejoined IBM and I’m working in the IBM Cloud IaaS division on next generation storage technologies.

When I’m not working for work, I tend to do side projects, or in general mess around with gadgets.  But most of the time I find myself chasing kids around or trying to keep the house clean 🙂

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